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Visa Gift Cards & Visa Reloadable Cards

Whether you need a gift for an upcoming shower, party or holiday or you need a form of payment for an upcoming trip – we’ve got you covered.

Image of Visa Gift Card

Visa Gift Cards

Visa Gift Cards make a great gift for a shower, birthday, graduation or holiday!  Purchase them at any of our offices for only $3.95!

  • Available in any amount $10 – $1,000
  • Non-reloadable
  • Card works within United States, not internationally
  • Access your card online at www.cumoney.com/gift
  • Fees
    • $5.00 per month inactivity fee after 12 consecutive months of non-usage
    • $10.00 Refund Fee
    • $10.00 Replacement Fee

Reloadable Visa Card

Reloadable Visa Cards make a great alternative to a checking account with debit card.  Use for online transactions, domestic and international travel or as an emergency fund for your college student!

  • Initial card fee of $5.00
  • Available in amounts $100 – $5,000
  • Reload card at the credit union or through CU Money website at www.cumoney.com
  • View transactions/receipts through the CU Money website at www.cumoney.com or through the CUMONEY app
  • Card can be used anywhere in the world
    • Limits
      • Signature POS daily limit of 25 transactions or $5,000 per day
      • PIN POS daily limit of 25 transactions or $2,500 per day
      • ATM withdrawal daily limit of 3 transactions or $500 per day
    • Fees
      • $5.00 per month fee after 10 consecutive months of non-usage
      • $2 reload fee
      • $15 Refund fee
      • $5 Replacement fee
      • International Transactions = 2% of the transaction amount
      • $1.50 ATM Withdrawal
Graphic of a reloadable card

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